Nominating Committee

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Each year a Nominating Committee is approved by Council to compile a slate of nominees for the non-Presidential positions on the Executive Committee where there is an upcoming vacancy, including any vacancy resulting from the expiration of a term of office:

  • the three Vice-Presidents,
  • the Treasurer,
  • the Chairs of the Standing Committees, and
  • the members-at-large.

In order to compile a slate of candidates the Nominating Committee will solicit and consider recommendations from the incumbent President and Executive Committee members, as well as Council. Council members are encouraged to recruit those UTFA members who are interested in running for any of the positions on the Executive Committee. UTFA members may also self-nominate.

The Nominating Committee’s report must be communicated no later than May 1 to all members of Council. Nominations will be accepted until May 10, allowing members of Council time to propose additional nominations in writing. A minimum of two members of Council shall be required to nominate any additional Executive nominees

For more detailed information please consult the UTFA Constitution (Article 9 in particular), the UTFA By-Laws (Article 10 in particular) and the Nominating Committee Guidelines. The nomination form and the requested statement is available here.

The nomination period opens on Wednesday, April 8, and closes on Wednesday, April 22..

Please communicate with the Committee Chair if you have any comments or questions about the work of the Nominating Committee.

Membership of the 2020 Nominating Committee

Alison Keith
Matthew Light
Leslie Stewart Rose
Azita Hojatollah Taleghani
Kent Weaver, Chair