The University of Toronto Faculty Association is the official representative of faculty and librarians on employment matters which include salary, pension, benefit negotiations, and workplace grievances. 

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Letter to the Provost about new draft Information Security policy and Email Migration

On October 20, 2015 UTFA sent a letter to the University Provost, Professor Cheryl Regehr, following up on a letter sent in November 2013 expressing concerns about the possible privacy, ownership, and academic freedom implications of a decision to migrate the University of Toronto faculty and staff e-communications to a third-party provider such as Microsoft.

That original letter went unanswered. In the meantime the Vice-President University Operations has tabled a draft policy on Information Security and the Protection of Digital Assets. In this new letter, UTFA reiterates our ongoing, unaddressed concerns and calls on the Administration to increase faculty consultation, address crucial faculty concerns, and expedite the negotiation of a privacy policy governing access to and control over academic records.

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Bargaining Report #5

Many of you have inquired about the Salaries, Benefits, Pensions, and Workload bargaining between UTFA and the Administration. This Bargaining Report provides a brief update. We draw your attention to four key points:

  1. Mediation is scheduled for October 3rd and 4th. If arbitration is necessary, it will take place on November 21st.
  2. UTFA and the Administration have agreed to distribute this year’s PTR in September instead of delaying until a settlement or award is determined.
  3. PTR for the Teaching Stream has been improved by raising the breakpoint and increasing the amounts per FTE above and below the breakpoint.
  4. Salary floors for librarians will be increased and individual librarians earning less than $73,907 as of July 1, 2014 will receive a salary increase.

UTFA has also received questions about PERA. Our understanding is that funds equal to the 2013-2014 PERA amounts have recently been distributed or will be distributed shortly and that any applicable increase will be added to members’ accounts after a final settlement or award.

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