The University of Toronto Faculty Association is the official representative of faculty and librarians on employment matters which include salary, pension, benefit negotiations, and workplace grievances. 

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UTFA Presidential Election

This year is a Presidential election year for UTFA. Members will be electing a new President of the Association for a term beginning July 1, 2016.

The procedural language pertaining to electing the President of UTFA is found in the UTFA Constitution. There is also language pertaining to the duties of the President in both the Constitution and the By-Laws.

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Council Ratifies New UTFA Settlement for July 2014 to June 2017

At its December 14th meeting, UTFA Council voted unanimously to ratify the recent settlement, most of the terms of which were agreed upon in mediation with Mr. Kevin Burkett and Mr. William Kaplan. The new, mediated agreement has been approved by the Business Board on behalf of the Governing Council.

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Letter to the Provost about new draft Information Security policy and Email Migration

Since November 2013, UTFA has been expressing concerns about the possible privacy, ownership, and academic freedom implications of migrating University of Toronto faculty and staff e-communications to a third-party provider.

In the meantime the Vice-President University Operations has tabled a draft policy on Information Security and the Protection of Digital Assets. This new letter reiterates UTFA's ongoing, unaddressed concerns and calls on the Administration to increase faculty consultation, address crucial faculty concerns, and expedite the negotiation of a privacy policy governing access to and control over academic records.

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