Update on CUPE 3902 Unit 5 (Postdocs) Bargaining

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February 6, 2024

9. Update on CUPE 3902 Unit 5 (Postdocs) Bargaining

Although they are not our members, many of our members work closely with Postdocs; CUPE's leadership has asked us to share the following brief information with you.

The Union representing 11,000 Teaching Assistants, University-funded Postdocs, Sessional Lecturers, etc. at the University of Toronto is in bargaining. After years of salary suppression under the 1% total compensation cap imposed by Bill 124, Teaching Assistants and Postdocs will be fighting for salary increases to catch up to inflation. You might not know that 50% of University-funded Postdocs earn $50,000 a year or less. Compounding the situation is the fact that, when Postdocs take on extra teaching work, they have to take a pay cut. Domestic Postdocs can avoid this cost by taking on teaching at another University. But, 40% of University-funded Postdocs are international workers on closed visas, only legally entitled to take up work at the University of Toronto. CUPE 3902 unit 5 is building an important campaign to educate and advocate for greater economic security. You can read more about Postdocs’ efforts here.

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