A letter from the President of the Lakehead University Faculty Association

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July 27, 2023

Dear colleagues:

I am writing this email for your association and membership support to restore transparent, collegial and accountable governance at Lakehead University (LU).

Over the years, faculty and librarian staff have encountered various obstacles that impede their active participation in university decision-making, as part of LUFA’s Collective Agreement. Recently, the Lakehead University Faculty Association (‘LUFA’) brought attention to non-transparent hiring processes for senior academic administrators not once but twice.

Our goal is to build a collaborative relationship that serves the best interests of LU and our community. We insist that everyone’s insights are essential and should be considered in decision-making.

We demand that the Board of Governors fulfill its obligation under Article 8.03 of the Collective Agreement, acknowledging the rights of members to participate in policy formulation and the selection of senior academic administrators. Transparency is key to fostering collegiality and diversity in applicants.

Your participation in this letter-writing campaign will make a significant difference in ensuring we all have a voice in a shared, transparent, and accountable governance process that serves the interest of our university.

Thank you for being so supportive. 

CLICK HERE https://makeitfair.caut.ca/lufa

In solidarity,

Gautam Das, President
Lakehead University Faculty Association