Pension Committee

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This committee advises Council on all matters related to pension. 

The role of the UTFA Pension Committee:

Preamble: UTFA holds a permanent seat on the University Pension Plan’s (UPP) Employee Sponsor Committee (ESC) and maintains a permanent right to appoint a trustee on the Board of Trustees. UTFA’s ongoing governance role shall be supported by an UTFA Pension Committee.

  1. Meet with UTFA’s Employee Sponsor Committee (ESC) representative (who is also the chair of the UTFA Pension Committee) on a schedule established by September of each year and approved by UTFA Council.
  2. Consult with and advise the ESC representative and UTFA Council on any changes to benefits levels or contribution rates, and on any other UPP business, as appropriate.
  3. Consult with the ESC representative on UPP issues and/or on the development of documents related to the UPP.
  4. Develop an UTFA nomination and approval process for future members of both the ESC and the Board of Trustees. Develop a removal process for the ESC representative. All processes to be approved by UTFA Council.

Terms of Reference
Processes for ESC Representative Appointment and Renewal
Process for Trustee Appointment and Renewal

Chair: Lisa Kramer 

Committee Members Constituency
Erica Allen-Kim teaching stream, Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, & Design
Joseph Carens Retired, Department of Political Science
Paul Downes tenure stream, Department of English
Lisa Kramer tenure stream, Behavioural Finance, Management, UTM
James Mason Music Library
Ariel Katz VP, Salary, Benefits, Pensions and Workload
Marcin Peski tenure stream, Economics, Arts and Science, UTSG
Maureen Stapleton UTFA Treasurer, teaching stream, Finance, Rotman, UTSG
Terezia Zorić UTFA President, teaching stream, Social Justice Education, OISE, UTSG

The Chair of the UTFA Pension Committee is Lisa Kramer,  approved as the Chair of the UTFA Pension Committee for a 4-year term at the September 21, 2022 Council meeting.