2021-2022 AGM 2022 Agenda

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UTFA Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, April 19, 2022
4:00 to 6:00 p.m.

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1. Acknowledgement of Traditional Land (Joseph Carens)

2. Review of the Agenda

3. Minutes of 2020–2021 AGM

4. Welcome and President’s Remarks (Terezia Zorić)

5. Featured Q&A-based discussion: Jim Turk, founder of the Centre for Free Expression, with Rinaldo Walcott and Judith Taylor

Jim will discuss the stakes of free expression in society, and what we can do to safeguard and inspire it. On the Centre’s site under Events, you can view and listen to Centre-hosted talks and panels to get a sense of the Centre’s priorities and vision, and you can look at their projects as well. Please send your questions for Jim to faculty@utfa.org

6. Greetings: Susan Wurtele, OCUFA President

7. Presentation of the UTFA Academic Citizenship Awards (Judith Taylor with Terezia Zorić and Jun Nogami)

UTFA’s 2021 Academic Citizenship Award honours faculty members from the Dalla Lana School of Public Health: Professors Arjumand Siddiqi, Ashleigh Tuite, David Fisman, James Scott, Jeffrey Siegel, and Paul Bozek.

8. Reports of the 2021–2022 UTFA Officers and Chairs of Committees

The reports are published in the AGM Newsletter and will not be read at the meeting. However, Officers and Committee Chairs will be available to answer questions. Also, the Past-President will be available to answer any questions on the University Pension Plan (UPP).

9. Presentation of UTFA Student Award Recipients (Roy Gillis)

2022 UTFA Al Miller Memorial Awards
2022 UTFA Undergraduate Tuition Awards

10. Other business and questions from the floor

11. Adjournment