Membership Committee

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The Membership Committee is a standing committee established by UTFA Council on January 23, 2007.

The broad goals of the committee are to enable the mobilization of the membership; to provide avenues for the better flow of information from UTFA’s Executive and Council to its membership as well as in the opposite direction; and to make UTFA a more powerful, cohesive organization acting in the collective interests of the full diversity of its membership.

Specific objectives of the committee include:

  1. raising awareness and profile of UTFA with members and the campus community in general,
  2. recruiting and developing participants for Council and committees, and
  3. informing and involving UTFA members in discussion about transforming our relationship with the University administration in order to make UTFA more effective.


Chair: Deborah Cowen,

Committee Members Constituency
Dan Adleman Innis College
Michael Attridge St. Michael's College
Katherine Blouin UTSC - History & Classics
Thom Dancer Department of English
Sherri Helwig UTSC - Arts, Culture & Media
Ruth Marshall Department for the Study of Religion
Kathleen Scheaffer UTM - ICCIT