Retired Members Committee

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Faculty and librarians retired from U of T are an important part of UTFA. Hundreds of retirees are members of UTFA, and many participate as members of the UTFA Executive, the UTFA Council and various UTFA committees, including the Retired Members Committee. This standing committee was established by UTFA Council in 2015 to advise Council and Executive on a variety of matters pertaining to retired faculty, librarians and research associates. The committee’s mandate includes communication with the retired constituency, the sponsorship of workshops and events for the benefit of its constituents, and participation in the work of academic retiree associations. The committee works with other UTFA committees, especially the Salaries, Benefits, Pensions and Workload Committee.

Please note that any retired faculty who are teaching on a stipend are to receive the negotiated overload stipend which is negotiated yearly by UTFA. On  July 1, 2019 the stipend was set at $17,895.00 per course. More details: Benefits available to Retired U of T Faculty and Librarians

Chair: Jody Macdonald

Committee Members
Ed Barbeau
Elinor Fillion
Helen Grad
Lino Grima
Mary Alice Guttman
Raymond Kwong
Brenda Mallouk
Susanne Meyers Sawa
Angela Miles
Jun Nogami
Judith Poe
Kent Weaver