UTFA Executive Committee

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The Executive Committee of the Council consists of the President and other Officers of the Association, Chairs of any additional standing committees of the Association, and up to three members-at-large appointed by Council for renewable one or two-year terms. The Executive Committee carries out duties delegated to it by the Council.

The Executive Committee meets at the call of the President, or within one week of a call for a meeting by any two members of the Committee.


Name Phone # Email Term Expiration
Michael Attridge
Chair, Appointments Committee
416-926-1300 x3608 attridge@utfa.org 2017
Kass Banning
Chair, Teaching Stream Committee
416-978-6497 k.banning@utoronto.ca 2018
Ettore Damiano
416-946-5821 ettore.damiano@utoronto.ca 2018
Claude Evans
416-978-3351 claude.evans@utoronto.ca 2018
J. Roy Gillis
Chair, Equity Committee
416-978-0679 roy.gillis@utoronto.ca 2018
Jennifer Jenkins
Chair, Membership Committee
416-522-2371 jl.jenkins@utoronto.ca 2017
Linda Kohn
Vice-President, University and External Affairs
416-420-8851 linda.kohn@utoronto.ca 2018
Ken MacDonald
Vice-President, Salary, Benefits, Pensions & Workload
416-978-4109 ken.macdonald@utoronto.ca 2018
Cynthia Messenger
416-978-4640 cynthia.messenger@utoronto.ca 2018
Andreas Motsch
416-585-4408 motsch@chass.utoronto.ca 2017
Kathleen Scheaffer
Chair, Librarians Committee
416-978-5770 kathleen.scheaffer@utoronto.ca 2018
Harriet Sonne de Torrens


Kent Weaver
Chair, Retired Members Committee
416-978-3351 kent.weaver@utoronto.ca 2017
Terezia Zoric
Vice-President, Grievances
416-978-4654 zoric@utfa.org 2018