Librarians Committee

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This committee advises Council and the Executive Committee on all matters related to the concerns of academic librarians and the profession at the University of Toronto. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the Chair of the Librarians Committee or any of your representatives below.

Meet some of our members at our Academic Librarians site.


Chair: Kathleen Scheaffer,

Committee Members Library
Kathryn Barrett Scholars Portal - Virtual Reference Librarian
Heather Buchansky Robarts Library - Student Engagement Librarian
Dan D'Agostino Collection Development Department
Ravit David Scholars Portal 
Kyla Everall Robarts Library - User Services Librarian
Mikaela Gray Liaison & Education Librarian - Faculty of Nursing
Jan Guise Librarian - Faculty of Music
Jessica Hanley UTM - Science Liaison Librarian
Angela Henshilwood Engineering Library
Whitney Kemble Librarian, UTSC
Helen Kula Inst. for Management & and Innovation Li Koon Chun Finance Learning Centre
Aneta Kwak Librarian, New College
Ken MacDonald UTSC - Human Geography
Steve Marks Digital Preservation Librarian, ITS
Suzanne Meyers Sawa Retired Member
Katya Pereyaslavska Scholars Portal
Vicki Skelton Industrial Relations & Human Resources Library
Graeme Slaght Copyright Librarian, Robarts Library
Harriet Sonne de Torrens UTM - Library
Michelle Spence Engineering & Computer Science Library
Fabiano Takashi Rocha Japan Studies/Collection & Cataloguing Services
Christina Tooulias-Santolin Robarts Library, Reference & Research Services
Silvia Vong St. Michael's College
Maria Zych Dentistry Library