Grievance Committee

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The grievance portfolio provides confidential advice and handles grievances related to terms and conditions of employment of faculty and academic librarians who are members of UTFA. Most of our files are advice files – we assist in the resolution of difficulties without recourse to formal grievances.

One of the duties of the Vice-President, Grievances, is to identify the Adminstration’s potential violation of policy. Most grievances are based on violations of policy or established practices at the University. We also assist members with concerns or difficulties in the tenure, teaching stream or librarian promotion process.

The grievance procedure is outlined in Article 7 of the memorandum of Agreement. We urge faculty and academic librarians who might be considering a grievance to review the grievance procedure and to approach the Faculty Association as early as possible after a problem has been identified.  Please note that grievances must be launched within 20 working days of the date on which the member knew or should have known of the issue in question.

The best means of contacting the Vice-President, Grievances, is through email to


Chair: Terezia Zoric

Committee Members Constituency
Michael Attridge Theology, St. Michael's College
Kass Banning Cinema Studies
Kathy Bickmore OISE - CTL
Aurel Braun UTM - Political Science
Claude Evans UTM - Languages
Connie Guberman UTSC - Historical and Cultural Studies
Linda Kohn UTM - Biology
Matthew Light Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies
Ken MacDonald UTSC - Human Geography
Vicki Skelton Librarian - Industrial Relations
Leslie Stewart-Rose CTL - OISE