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Statement of Apology

Thursday, October 28, 2021

I apologize for using a phrase that evoked a negative trope at the What the hell happened at the University of Toronto Law School? event. I now better recognize how such tropes can tap into and reinforce harmful stereotypes about the Jewish community. Although it was not my intention, I acknowledge that the words I used caused pain and distress to many of my colleagues, who experienced them as insults. For that as well I am truly sorry.

As someone who has devoted decades of her life to the work of challenging discrimination in its many forms, I am humbled. I am reminded of my responsibility to foster more listening, more respectful dialogue, and a greater willingness to learn from each other so that we may pursue our shared goals as an Association.

Terezia Zorić, UTFA President


Terezia Zorić

July 2020

July 1, 2020 Terezia Zorić became UTFA President for a two-year term. Terezia brings with her extensive bargaining experience, deep knowledge of University policy and practice, and a firm commitment to principled advocacy on behalf of all faculty and librarians, both active and retired.

Terezia is UTFA’s Chief Negotiator on matters of compensation, Workload Policy (WLPP), Progress through the Ranks/Merit Pay (PTR), and other key policy areas. She was previously UTFA’s Vice-President, Salary, Benefits, Pensions, and Workload (SBPW), and served for three years as UTFA’s Vice-President, Grievances, in addition to Chairing UTFA’s Equity and Teaching Stream committees.
Over the last decade, Terezia has served on numerous Salary, Benefits, Pensions, and Workload (SBPW) bargaining teams as well as the University Pension Plan (UPP) bargaining and education/outreach teams that secured the defined benefit pension plan and a supplementary pension; the 2014-2016 Special Joint Advisory Committee (SJAC) negotiations that secured the rank of Full Professor for the teaching stream; and the ongoing Sexual Violence Policy Letter of Understanding negotiations (Lead negotiator). She led on negotiating comprehensive improvements to UTFA members’ health and safety protections in the context of a complex Asbestos Group Grievance, including explicit guarantees that faculty and librarians can report concerns about their workspace, that those concerns will be assessed promptly, and that the findings will be shared with the member; that the Administration will retain external asbestos consultants to provide a written assessment of the design of the most high-risk asbestos abatement projects; that UTFA can appoint its members onto Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSC); and the establishment of a joint University-wide JHSC with UTFA to “monitor, assist and provide direction” to the University’s other JHSCs.

Terezia is now leading an historic Association grievance on discrimination in compensation. After working for more than three years to redress the salary discrimination experienced by our faculty and librarians on the basis of gender, racialization, Indigeneity, LGBTQ2S, and disability, Terezia helped UTFA achieve measurable success for female-identified librarians and tenure-stream faculty. To-date, this initiative has resulted in a remedial 1.3% salary increase for women in the tenure stream (UTFA has filed a grievance to challenge this low figure) and a 3.9% salary increase for female-identified librarians. UTFA also achieved regular audits of Librarians’ salaries, as well as the establishment of a Joint Administration-Association Working Group to identify and address the impact of systemic biases on librarian compensation. See UTFA’s December 6, 2019, open letter for further details. Terezia is committed to the ongoing work of eradicating the significant, persistent, pervasive, and systemic pay gaps UTFA has identified for all equity-seeking members in all streams, including Indigenous, Black, and other racialized faculty and librarians.

Terezia is a faculty member in OISE’s department of Social Justice Education. She has held an academic appointment at the University since 2004, where her teaching and scholarship focus on challenging class bias in schooling, anti-discrimination education, teacher activism, and education for environmental justice.