2022 Recipients

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2022 Academic Citizenship Award Recipients

Message from the President

UTFA is proud to deliver the 2022 Academic Citizenship Award to faculty members from four different groups. 

The first group is the Black Research Network (BRN) Steering Committee for organizing and prioritizing cross-disciplinary Black research excellence, mentorship, and pathways for Black scholars.
The members are Beth Coleman, Maydianne Andrade, Lisa Robinson, Alissa Trotz, and Rhonda McEwen. 

The second group is Scholar Strike Canada (SSC) for organizing and sponsoring virtual teach-ins and other labour actions in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, to challenge systemic violence that disenfranchises Black, Indigenous, and racialized people.
The three members are Beverly Bain, Kristen Bos, and Mikinaak Migwans. 

The third group is Exploring Service Work at UofT for raising awareness about institutional labour practices through research about service workers and casualization at U of T.
The two members were Michelle Buckley and Kiran Mirchandani. 

The fourth group is the Law Faculty Organizing around Accountability for the Hiring Scandal at the IHRP and the CAUT Censure for upholding principles of academic freedom, collegial governance, and anti-discrimination at the Faculty of Law’s International Human Rights Program (IHRP) at UofT. 
The nine members were Audrey Macklin, Anver Emon, Mohammad Fadel, David Schneiderman, Denise Reaume, Jeffrey MacIntosh, Trudo Lemmens, Kent Roach, Anna Su, and Ariel Katz. 

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