Across the Board (ATB) and Per Course Stipend Increase—Joint UTFA and U of T Administration Announcement

September 16, 2022
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Dear UTFA Colleagues,

In January 2022, we announced that with the assistance of Mediator Kevin Burkett, the University of Toronto and the University of Toronto Faculty Association (UTFA) had reached partial agreement via Minutes of Settlement (MOS) with respect to salary, benefits, and workload for the period July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2023. The MOS included the referral of outstanding issues with respect to salary, benefits, and workload for the period July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023 to interest arbitration.

While we are still awaiting the conclusion of the arbitration process, in the interest of implementing pay increases for faculty and librarians in a timely way, arbitrator Eli Gedalof has made an interim order that provides the following:

  • An Across-the-Board (ATB) salary increase of 1.0%, retroactive to July 1, 2022.
  • Minimum per course stipend and overload rate increase from $18,255 to $18,438 effective September 1, 2022.

Note that several other proposals (see Schedules A and B in the Minutes of Settlement) in the agreement have yet to be adjudicated.

In his interim award arbitrator Gedalof noted that his order was without prejudice to either party’s position with respect to the constitutionality of Bill 124 and any ongoing litigation in that regard.

Further details about the implementation of these ATB and per course stipend increases will be forthcoming.  


Terezia Zorić
UTFA President

Jun Nogami PhD, FAAAS, P. Eng.
UTFA VP, Salary, Benefits, Pensions, & Workload