Equal Pay Day

April 6, 2019
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Take action to close the gender pay gap!

A special message for the Power of Many: Take Back Ontario Conference

The current provincial government has taken many steps that erode protections against gender pay discrimination. Together we can send a strong message that the government must close the gender pay gap. In just 2 steps, you can help to build a strong collective voice for equality across the province.

1. Respond to the government's Pay Transparency Act consultations.

In May 2018, Ontario’s Pay Transparency Act was passed as an important new tool to help enforce existing human rights laws to close the gender pay gap.

Pay transparency laws are new "access-to- information" tools that are being used globally to fight pay discrimination. They are a vital evolution in the laws to advance women’s economic justice.

Pay transparency laws require employers to disclose their pay practices so workers know if they are receiving fair pay or not. Workers need pay information to enforce their fundamental right to equality at work.

The new Act requires employers with 100+ employees to report the gender pay gaps in their workplaces annually.

Women were supposed to have access to pay transparency by January 1, 2019, but the Ontario government stalled Act's implementation indefinitely.

Instead of developing the Act's companion regulation quickly, the government opened up new "consultations", primarily with business. The government is currently consulting on the employers’ reporting mechanisms. They are asking business how costly and onerous pay transparency will be –not what will best help enforce rights.Any government consultations on the gender pay gap must prioritize women, the people most impacted. Attached is an easy to use guide to the government's consultation question. Visit equalpaycoalition.org for more details. Send your comments in support of a strong Pay Transparency Actby April 5, 2019.Your input must be submitted to the government’s online portal.(www.ontariocanada.com/registry)

2. Mobilize Equal Pay Day Actions April 9, 2019.

Equal pay activists across the province will mark Equal Pay Day.

The Coalition calls upon Premier Doug Ford, Minister of Labour Laurie Scott and Minister Responsible for Women's Issues, Lisa McLeod to make public their plans to close the gender pay gap.

The gender pay gap is a human rights crisis of staggering proportions in this province. Based on the latest 2016 Census data on women's annual earnings women face a significant gap compared to men:

  • Women with disabilities: 56% gender pay gap
  • Immigrant women: 55% gender pay gap
  • Indigenous women: 45% gender pay gap
  • Racialized women: 40% gender pay gap
  • On average, women face a 32% gender pay gap.
  • The gender pay gap impoverishes women every day. The time to act is now.

There are 5 basic actions that the Ontario government can take immediately to make a significant start on closing the gender pay gap:

1. Implement the Pay Transparency Act, 2018 and the new supporting regulation no later than May 1, 2019.
2. Keep the $2 per hour Provincial Wage Enhancement Grant for Registered Early Childhood Educators and child care workers in licensed child care. Increase funding for investment in public and not-for profit licensed child care.
3. Ensure that broader public sector employers are funded appropriately to meet their pay equity obligations and demand accountability to demonstrate that payments are being made to workers.
4. Increase funding to the Pay Equity Commission to enable robust proactive enforcement of pay equity obligations. The Commission's own studies show that 54% of employers are not compliant with the Act. Pay equity is the law and must be rigorously enforced.
5. Raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour
and increase funding for proactive employment standards enforcement to end employment standards violations that impoverish women.

April 9, 2019

Take Action to close the gender pay gap

On Equal Pay Day, Coalition supporters will be organizing creative and targeted actions - at local MPP offices for example - all over Ontario.
You can make a difference by getting involved. Organize a local event; big or small it all counts. We’ll post your events on our webpage.
Organize your networks to call their local MPP to discuss their plans to close the gaps. Visit your local MPP.

Get creative! Make sure to alert your local media contacts about your actions.

Share your actions on social media throughout Equal Pay Day.

If you are interested in organizing an event in your area, please email us at equalpaycoalition@gmail.com

Watch equalpaycoalition.org and our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for articles, and shareable graphics. Use the hashtags #EqualPayDay #CloseTheGap and #PayTransparency in your social media.



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