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Links to media articles, statistics, and government information on pensions

October 29, 2018
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UTFA President’s Pension Blog
October 29, 2018
Cynthia Messenger

In this blog space, I am including links to media articles, statistics, and government information on pensions.

From the Globe and Mail:

“Defined-benefit pension plans – or DB plans, as they are known in the industry – are the plan of choice for unions and, indeed, most employees, since they provide a predictable amount of pension at little or no risk to the individual. With a few exceptions, it is the plan sponsor who assumes all the risk. This is precisely why such plans are dying in the private sector; so few employers are still willing or able to stomach that much risk.”

See the article in which the paragraph quoted above appears:

OPTrust’s Innovative DB pension for non-profit workers:

Stats Canada information on pension plans in Canada, 2017:

Eckler’s Selected Pension and Benefit Statistics:

Information on Old Age Security (OAS) in Canada:

Information on the Canada Pension Plan: