Potential Privacy Breach at U of T’s Office of Health and Well-Being

September 29, 2022
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September 29, 2022

In early September, several UTFA members received notification from the Administration that a break-and-enter had occurred on July 23, 2022, at the Office of Health and Well-Being (located at 263 McCaul Street). UTFA members that received notification were told that their personal information stored in filing cabinets may have been accessed.

UTFA takes this potential privacy breach very seriously and immediately raised concerns with the Administration. At our recent Joint Committee meeting held on September 22, 2022, UTFA sought information on what measures the Administration had put in place to prevent a recurrence. UTFA was assured that several measures have been put in place including, but not limited to, installing more motion cameras and security film on windows. 

If you have questions about a potential privacy breach as a result of the break-and-enter, please contact UTFA via advice@utfa.org.