Statements and Ideas from “Bordering Injustice” Emergency Town Hall

February 21, 2017
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In the US, the threat against ideas and the life of the mind has perhaps never been greater than it is today. North American faculty and librarians are increasingly international, as are our students. And, in the twenty-first century, research cannot be constrained by borders. We at UTFA therefore condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the U.S. Executive orders that banish, without due process, those who legitimately seek refuge in what used to be a welcoming nation.

UTFA was pleased to co-sponsor the Feb. 10 Emergency Town Hall that was held at the Law School. Here is a message from the organizers. (Please note that the attachments referred to below are provided as links.)

Hi all,

Thanks again for the amazing Emergency Town Hall on Feb 10, and for your suggestions and statements that you shared with the List. We are attaching two documents here, the statements issued by University administrators and departments; and a list of actions taken, and ideas proposed since the issuing of the US Executive Order. This second document also includes a petition that addresses the list presented at the Town Hall by a graduate student, and a summary of the discussion at the Town Hall/Working Meeting. Our grateful thanks to Grace Tran for carefully assembling the documents, and Franca Iacovetta and Paul Hamel for doing amazing summarising work at the Town Hall. To our colleagues at Law, especially Audrey Macklin, Samer Muscati and Kara Norrington, thank you for hosting, organising and facilitating.

  1. Statements Released by Various Universities and Departments in Response to Trump’s Ban

  2. Ideas and Initiatives in Response to Trump’s Ban

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