University Pension Plan Ontario (UPP) Names Sponsor Committees' Memebers

January 4, 2020
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University Pension Plan Ontario

The UPP Joint Sponsors are pleased to announce the members of the UPP Sponsor Committees. Built on the efforts of a large group of stakeholders over a number of years, the UPP is the new jointly sponsored multi-employer pension plan for the Ontario university sector.

The main responsibilities of the Joint Sponsors include the following: set benefits and contribution rates; create funding policy; and appoint the Plan Administrator (the Board of Trustees).

The Joint Sponsors comprise the Employer Sponsor and the Employee Sponsor, and each sponsor acts exclusively through a Sponsor Committee.

Employer Sponsor Committee
• Kelly Hannah-Moffat (University of Toronto)
• Martha Harley (University of Guelph)
• Angela Hildyard (University of Toronto)
• Donna Janiec (Queen’s University)
• Steven Millan (Queen’s University)
• Don O’Leary (University of Guelph)

Employee Sponsor Committee
• Laura Brownell (CUPE)
• Colleen Burke (USW, University of Toronto)
• Leslie Jermyn (Queen’s University Faculty Association)
• Herb Kunze (University of Guelph Faculty Association)
• Cynthia Messenger (University of Toronto Faculty Association)
• John Tartt (USW, University of Guelph)

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