U.S. College leaders deserve a flunking grade for their reopening

September 18, 2020
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College life right now is a mess: there has been an explosion of Covid-19 cases on college campuses since some schools resumed in person. According to The New York Times weekly tally updated on September 10, there have been 88,000 Covid-19 cases across 1,190 college campuses. Of these, "more than 61,000 cases came since late August."

That's a lot of cases in two weeks. And that number has likely substantially grown since the Times published these statistics. Countless additional campus cases are inevitably undiagnosed.
The challenge for safe school reopening is particularly complex for colleges, where classrooms and learning are combined with, for many, living away from home. Yet, even as universities get back to business, it seems that the focus has been as much on the fate of college football as on the logistics of college life.