UTFA President advocates at TTC meeting for better Scarborough transit options and service

February 10, 2021
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On February 10th, 2021 UTFA President Terezia Zoric spoke at a meeting of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) alongside Scarborough Campus Students’ Union and Scarborough based transit advocacy groups. SEE VIDEO BELOW. She addressed the need for more frequent bus service and rapid transit options for UTFA members travelling to the Scarborough campus from all directions. 

Scarborough campus faculty, and their 13,000 students, rely on the TTC to get to campus. They need improved transit from our campus to their homes and other destinations across Scarborough. While a replacement for the SRT is important, it is not all that’s important. Students and faculty come to campus from every direction - not only Kennedy station. 

Terezia joined with the U of T Scarborough Campus Students’ Union, TTCriders, the Scarborough Transit Alliance, Scarborough Transit Action, and Connect Sheppard East in calling for: 

  • more electric buses to be purchased, to maintain current SRT service levels, and so that bus service in other areas isn't' reduced to free up service for this corridor;
  • a dedicated bus-only route to run them in, so that current SRT speeds can be maintained;
  • keeping the SRT land in public hands because we know transit plans in this corridor have frequently changed and might change again, so best keep our options open;
  • and, demand that the Province fully fund transfers between GO trains and TTC buses, so TTC passengers can also use the GO train network to travel across Scarborough.

For further details on the Scarborough SRT situation, see this Toronto Star article.


UTFA President Terezia Zoric speaking at a meeting of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC):


Video html5: