UTFA Retiree Reception: Additional Resources

May 31, 2023
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Dear Retired Colleagues,

We were pleased to see so many of you attend UTFA’s Annual Retiree Reception on May 17th.

As promised, we write to share documents referenced during the session:

Also, to follow up on a question posed at the reception, we have received confirmation from the U of T Manager, Benefits and Pensions, that the option to maintain benefits coverage continues for spouses upon the death of a retiree (subject to the payment of premiums). If you have further questions, please contact the University’s HR Service Centre.

Finally, the Ziibiing Lab’s purpose is to support Indigenous peoples, thought, and movements. Donations provided to the Ziibiing Lab play an important role in advancing global Indigenous politics research and activities. For more information about the Ziibiing Lab Trust or to make a donation, visit here.


Stephen Rupp
Chair, UTFA Retired Members Committee

Terezia Zorić
UTFA President