UTFA Statement on Hate Speech on University and College Campuses

August 17, 2017
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The University of Toronto Faculty Association condemns in the strongest possible terms the violent and hate-filled events in Charlottesville, Virginia. UTFA is profoundly disturbed by the rhetoric of white supremacy and neo-fascism that is at the centre of these events. The faculty and librarians at the University of Toronto will continue steadfastly to defend the crucial roles for diversity, inclusiveness and equity at the University of Toronto and in Canadian society. Research and teaching cannot thrive where intolerance, prejudice, intimidation, threats and violence are allowed to take hold. Students and faculty must feel safe on university and college campuses to engage in academic discourse and have their rights protected. Those campuses cannot become the venue from which hate speech emanates. UTFA will do everything in its power to uphold the principles set forward in the University of Toronto Governing Council Statement on Equity, Diversity, and Excellence. UTFA stands with the U of T Administration in resisting the use of the University of Toronto grounds or buildings for meetings or rallies sponsored by any group that engages in hate speech or compromises the safety of the University of Toronto community.