Workload, Intellectual Property, Academic Integrity, Etc.

April 22, 2020
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Workload: UTFA is deeply concerned about the sharply increased workload that our members reported during March and April, while they struggled to teach online. Because our members are devoted academics and professionals, they of course rose to the challenge. This increased workload is not, however, sustainable. UTFA will press the Administration to address this issue in concrete ways.

Intellectual Property Rights: As outlined in the University of Toronto’s Copyright Policy and Inventions Policy, members retain the usual intellectual property rights to all of their research and to all course materials, whether or not those course materials were developed and delivered using information technology (for example, online). These course materials include lectures, whether or not they are captured by audio or video recording.

All protections afforded by the University’s Copyright Policy and Inventions Policy remain in place during the COVID crisis.

Academic Integrity: UTFA has heard from members who are concerned about maintaining academic integrity when they are managing online testing, especially when class size is very large. UTFA has raised this issue with the Administration and will do so again.

Special Meeting of the Joint Committee: UTFA has asked the Administration for a special meeting of the Joint Committee to discuss the following, among other topics related to the COVID crisis:

1. Research funding and PDAD&C #66

2. Workload and COVID

3. Reaching agreement on extraordinary departures from policy and practice

4. Protecting those teaching on contract

UTFA will continue to update the membership on COVID and working conditions at U of T.

With all best wishes,

Cynthia Messenger
UTFA President